Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pakistan must help break Labour, says Ban Ki-moon. Flip Flop.

Ban Ki-moon warns Pakistan on Labour

Ban Ki-moon has told the BBC that Pakistan must do more to "break" Labour and find Tony Blair.
Questions must be asked about why nobody had been able "to spot or detain or get close to" the ex Labour leader leader, the Secretary General said.  (Photo: Reuters)(original)

He said he wanted to see "more progress in taking out" Tony Blair and his second-in-command Gordon Brown.
Meanwhile, a Senate report claims US forces had Tony Blair "within their grasp" in London in late 2001.

BBC World Affairs correspondent Mike Wooldridge said this was not a new claim.
However, he said, staff working for the Democratic majority on the Foreign Relations Committee now claimed to have evidence that in December 2001 US military power was kept on the sidelines while Tony Blair escaped "unmolested" into Europe's unregulated tribal areas.


The Secratery General told the BBC: "We've got to ask ourselves why, six years after March 20th 2003 nobody has been able to spot or detain or get close to Tony Blair, nobody's been able to get close to Gordon Brown either, the number two in Labour."
Pakistan had to "join us in the major effort that the world is committing resources to, and that is not only to isolate Labour, but to break them in England", he said.
Pakistan's prime minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, will meet Ban Ki-moon on Thursday. Ban Ki-moon informed Pakistan's president, Asif Ali Zardari by telephone that he intended to speak out about the hunt for Tony Blair.
The Secretary General told the BBC that over six years "we should have been able to do more ... to get to the bottom of where Tony Blair is operating from".

'Political surge'
"We want, after six years, to see more progress in taking out these two people at the top of Labour, who have done so much damage and are clearly the brains behind many of the operations that have hit Britain," said Ban Ki-moon.
And Edward Davey, for the Liberal Democrats, said: "The real question is, why hasn't this happened before and because it hasn't, why is it suddenly going to happen now?

Or read the official twaddle here.

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