Thursday, November 26, 2009

Copyright Protection and Punishment Bill from the Hungry Ghosts. Flip Flop.

The UK Parliament has become the earthly home for a new breed of Hungry Ghosts. Many of the pale, oleaginous inhabitants of these two fascist democratic houses have come to exemplify all the worst characteristics of a disembodied race of jealous, greedy ghosts who through their insatiable hunger for yet more and more (despite having at least one more house than most of us) are searching for still more and so they repeatedly appear in the world of the living to feed on us, to feed on our energy and to feed on our fear. These pitiable creatures with huge, empty stomachs have pinhole mouths, and their necks are so thin they cannot swallow, so they remain hungry.

Introducing… the Copyright Protection and Punishment Bill
Hi! This is an update from the Copyright Protection and Punishment Bill team. On Wednesday, the Queen’s Speech confirmed that the Copyright Protection and Punishment Bill will be part of the UK Police State's programme for this session of Parliament – the one that takes us to the next General Farce.
Today, the Bill is published. It is made up of the actions in the Digital Britain Final Report that need primary legislation. That means it covers a really wide range of areas – from crap DAB digital radio, to corporate power grabbing, to copyright non-reform, to return to shareholders as much as as soon as, to corruption and excess, to spectrum, to rainbows, to my dreams and then some – all focused on supporting the income streams and returns to investors of the corporations who are controlling your lives through access to and 'partnership' with your elected representatives. But it doesn’t deal with those things that didn’t need primary legislation, such as broadband and local newspapers. Ooh good. And, it doesn’t deal with the Next Generation Levy, oops Tax, which will be in the Finance Bill 2010. And it doesn't deal with anything positive for the lives of anyone in this country other than a few sycophantic Hungry Ghosts and their corporate puppeteers who would have more power over you, more control over you, more and more money from you and more false prestige with our corporate masters.

Stephen Timms introduces the Digital Ghost Bill (Office Location)

We think the Bill does some really important things, helping businesses to continue to exploit the web for their own money grabbing needs, Hungry Ghosts to introduce pretty much any law on the web that takes their fancy without asking anyone and consumers allowed to make the most of the ‘the few mass produced bits of media' that we will allow, in partnership with our corporate puppeteers’ – the creative industries will be able to continue with their outdated business models for a few more years yet, digital communications for many of you will be crippled and controlled to the extent that as citizens will be forced to become more and more secretive about your actions which will allow us to jail you under our repressive RIPA Part 3 law, and public service broadcasting will continue with repeats, oblivious to what is going on around them because we pretty much have the whip hand. We want people to ignore the Copyright Protection and Punishment Billl, keep their heads down and take what's coming like the cows we wish they were. Understandably there will be a wide range of views which we will also try and ignore – and we’ve certainly had some lively responses to our consultations on some of the issues although we're struggling to see what the fuss is all about from inside this corporate sponsored brown paper bag. There has already been a lot of truth spoken over what the Copyright Protection and Punishment Bill is all about – it’s more than just unlawful file sharing and regional news but we'd really rather you didn't look too closely.

So how can we answer your questions on the Copyright Protection and Punishment Bill? Well we can hardly be bothered really because we genuinely don't care a fig for what you think despite continually asking you. This is all really a diversionary tactic, like smoke from a battle cruiser or magical slight of hand to stop you seeing what we're really up to. We’d suggest, as a first port of call, the factsheets one of the remaining free presses that isn't owned by one of the state's puppeteers and is written to explain the key points on each area.
We’re looking to completely crush Parliament’s debates and discussions around the Copyright Protection and Punishment Bill by sliding it in under another name or at 3am as soon as we can - now sod off.
(Or read the official twaddle.)

Are you angry yet?

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