Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Terrorists.

Are you afraid yet?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Convention on Modern Liberty

The Convention on Modern Liberty.

The You Tube Channel.

Are you afraid yet?

Just days to go before photographing a policeman will become illegal and get you ten years.

There is just a few days to go before taking a photograph of a policeman becomes illegal.

I predict the first arrest under these new powers will take place in around 6 weeks time on or around the 1st April.

This is about the amount of time it will take for the example of fear and control being set by the Cabinet to seep down through the zealous and bureaucratic ranks of the uniformed faceless, that no one with a camera on the streets of the UK is to be trusted; they are all liars and terrorists; or if they're not now they soon will be if we give them an inch.

There is a protest planned for 11am Monday 16th February.

"The forthcoming protest called by professional, amateur and political activist Photographers will highlight several of the Labour government's repressive policies, which afflict normal, law abiding people's rights and freedoms, without producing any tangible "security" benefit against terrorists or criminals."

Also more info and details via Mark Thomas.

Are you afraid yet?

Carry a 'Stop and Search' card - just in case.

Via the inestimable Mark Thomas comes this 'Stop and Search' card for use if you are.

Go to Mark Thomas or The Guardian to download a .pdf of the card.

Remember the UK State is now randomly stopping citizens pretty much anywhere they want. If you are 'close to a "government establishment"' as was Tony Ben the other day it is more likely to happen than not.

Are you afraid yet?