Saturday, August 23, 2008

So it really is a police state then.

Living in the country I miss out on that warm, secure feeling of having a government who cares for me so much.

I really admire the calm way (despite us almost being able to hear his heart racing) in which Terrence Eden handles this legalised harassment, invasion of privacy and state assault whilst retaining the presence of mind to question what is happening and make a brave attempt to retain dignity by enquiring about the identity and intentions of his twin assaulters.

The attitude and words of 4825 exhibit all the contempt for Mr Eden that the state increasingly exhibits for us all. "Gimme your bag" along with "Doing my job sir, OK" and the utterly derisive, "Bye bye sir", are sentiments that we will all surely come to fear in the future from the massive level of state command and control which is about to come down on us over the coming months and years.

The 'fake phoning' 4825 undertakes so as to prolong Mr Edens harassment is utterly contemptuous and will no doubt be the source of much laughter in the pub later that night.

This contemptuous attitude exhibited by 4825 comes directly from his political masters, from the example being set by Gordon Blair and the like. They are his role model. If this is what they want us to do then bring it on. Give me some power over other people.

The truly frightening thing is that this power is real.

Should Mr Eden have been an electronics buff with, say a half made Arduino in his bag then he would have been disappeared... for hours; possibly days; possibly 28 days; possibly 42 days.

Looking at this video I, we, imagine it must be a one off. But remember every twentieth person gets this harassment. Or do they?

I'm fairly sure a suit, tie, haircut and briefcase would get you past both these theatre of security bit part players unchecked in future.

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