Friday, August 29, 2008

Are you enjoying your diet of State sponsored propaganda?

River Police
Road Wars
Street Wars
CCTV Cities
Worlds Wildest Police Videos
Police, Camera, Action
Crimefighters UK
Beat: Life on the Street
Police Stop!
Police Patrol
Shops, Robbers and Videotape
Ultimate Police Chases
Police Interceptors
Sky Cops

And you have no idea which of these programmes your tax pounds are paying for because the State has kept it's sponsorship of at least one of these programmes a secret and in doing so probably broken Ofcom's rules on editorial independence and sponsorship transparency.

Of all the things that so desperately need doing in the UK, our very own State Propaganda Machine is paying for things which can only have been designed to influence the way we think.

Turn it off. Do something. Ask why.

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