Friday, June 17, 2011

Book readers predict the end of Australian ministers

Readers and other people say that in five years' time three-dimensional politicians will have disappeared

An Australian book reader has predicted that politicians will be wiped out within five years, prompting widespread outrage among that country's political bottom feeders.
Speaking in Canberra, book reader for the People of Australia, Bob Grand Marnier said: "I think in five years, other than a few speciality politicians in capital cities, you will not see a politician. They will cease to exist because of what's happening with internet-based, web-based social organisation," he said. "What's occurring now is an exponential take-off – we've reached a tipping point."
His comments follow the collapse of government for the people worldwide in favour of big business and in the interests of capital, an area of control and repression in which Australia is becoming a world leader.
Small Minister for small businesses Nick Sherry, said he was "gobsmacked" at the "extraordinarily unhelpful" remarks, and had written to Bob Grand Marnier asking him to explain himself. "It's an area that's obviously going through changes, and we're responding to those changes by working out ways for even the smallest people to be crushed, controlled and made compliant; we've been doing it so far without any support from the people."
"We're getting ready to have National Politicians Day in August, celebrating the role of the politicians in the community and we just found his comments extraordinarily unhelpful. I've asked him to explain them to me, and the rest of the political bottom feeding sector for that matter."
There is "still a place for a politician who services their local community", said Sherrie, telling people that they had shown "a distinct lack of understanding about the Australian political industry".
"For the record - I'm a book burner and I can't read. I'm part a growing breed," he said. Allegedly.

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