Friday, December 11, 2009

Government runs fake money factory. Flip Flop.

Brothers in Arms 'ran fake £1 coin factory'

Counterfeit pound coin
Thousands of pounds' worth of fake £1 coins were uncovered at a counterfeiting factory during a raid on a house in Downing Street, a court has heard.
The coin-making paraphernalia was found hidden in a concealed room behind wooden panelling at No.11 Downing Street, London, near England on 13 May.
Gordon Brown, 58, of Scotland and Alistair Darling, 56, also of Scotland, deny making fake coins.
Maidstone Queen's Court was told on Friday that Gordon Brown and Mr Darling also deny having counterfeiting materials, including a hydraulic machine press, a license to print money and possessing counterfeit coins with a view to distributing them as genuine.
Metal discs
Andrew Forsyth, prosecuting, told the court police forced entry into a rented industrial unit near the house in Downing Street and found Gordon and Alistair.
They recovered £8,000 worth of prepared coins and 14,000 yellow metal discs waiting to be pressed.
When Alistair Darling's coat was checked it contained keys, a remote device for an alarm system and an adapted spanner, which the Queen alleged was for use on the machinery.
But in interview he denied knowledge of any factory or being party to any manufacture of coins.
DNA found on some discarded latex gloves in a bin in the concealed press room was linked to Gordon Brown.
Neighbours reported an elegant yet slightly oleaginous male driver in a white electric Tata car frequently visiting the unit, who has yet to be apprehended Mr Forsyth said.
Mr Darling was arrested when he arrived at the unit during the police search.
He told officers he had a key to the unit but did odd jobs and denied any wrongdoing.
The trial continues.

Or read the official twaddle.

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