Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fight back against snooping begins - Part 1

I discovered the ixquick search engine many months ago and have been using it continuously as my home page and search engine of choice. It works faultlessly, it is just as quick as the 'G' word and it doesn't store or use any of my search data and attempt to leverage this information into some selling scam or intrusive advertising feature.
Now this could just be a clever unique selling proposition. Or it might just be a clever unique selling proposition with morals attached. If it's the second then I will be sticking with them. Have a go for yourself. There is another way.

Thinking about my post below re Big 'G' and tax, I have of course no way of knowing the ixquick policy on these things. If I get a moment I will email them and ask.

ixquick appears to be a Google replacement with integrity and privacy for the user.

Here's another reason why ixquick is possibly a better way to browse, it appears that Google is, quite legally, 'avoiding' paying a big wollop of UK tax which in these changing times is a sign of the way things need to change.

If you want to trade in our country, with us, using us as a way to make money, then pay the rightful tax due for that privilege to whomsoever you should pay it, even if it means your bottom line is decreased by a minuscule amount, otherwise we won't use the free service you provide off the back of which you make multi-millions.

Just a thought.

According to a recent poll 60% of Britons oppose the States data retention laws.
What a crying shame we no longer live in a democracy otherwise we would be able to do something about this.

Are you afraid yet?

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