Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let the War on Hypocrisy begin.

The title is a quote from a recent post by the inestimable Henry Porter when announcing the Convention on Modern Liberty which was launched last week.

We have just seen the unintended consequence of unnecessary, unlawful (sic) and badly drawn up legislation in the tragic and sad death of Andy Miller from Accrington who owed £60 for speeding and was forced to a cash point by bailiffs who told him "... he had to make a payment, otherwise they would bring a delivery van and locksmith. ... they said they would get into the property and take goods and there was nothing he could do about it."

This law was probably brought in for some other reason than killing citizens who owed £60 for speeding, but like hundreds of other laws sneaked in without debate or discussion, almost in secret by the Executive, the top echelons of Government, the Cabinet, it will kill us; it will make us fear for our safety; it will make us fear our Rulers and it will make us want to fight back.

The Convention on Modern Liberty is the first high profile movement concerned with fighting the overpowering attacks on our fundamental rights and freedoms being perpetrated by this most repressive of State machines and deserves your support.

The Convention comes hot on the heels of an increasingly vocal outrage against the fear-mongering which is slithering out from the UK Parliament, voiced by the likes of NO2ID, Liberal Conspiracy, Henry Porter and the Liberal Democrats amongst many.

This fight has become necessary by the heavy handed degree of State power, control and repression now available to almost any bureaucrat in the UK which is frightening, and if you're not frightened you're asleep.

I find it hard to believe but I'm frightened of this State, and I loath the fact that I need to think about defending democracy, with all its faults, against my very own Government who appear to have forgotten why they are there.But defence of democracy is our task, not the Governments which is why we need to act in whatever way we can.
I resent the fact that I am 'wasting' my valuable time defending something, Liberty and Democracy, whilst the Mother of all Parliaments swaggers and staggers into any of the holes they are busy digging and I am staggered that this Government have quite casually lost the heart and mind of at least one white, middle class, male, well educated citizen.

In the small arc of voices publicly raised in support of our fundamental rights and freedoms mine is very small and I'm sorry if I veer towards the sarcastic/ironic end of the spectrum rather than the reasoned/reasonable end but that's how it seems to be.

Support The Convention on Modern Freedom. Support NO2ID. Support the Libral Democrats. Support Liberty and make your voice heard however frightening that first step may be.

Thank you for reading.

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